Aldom Consulting is an IT services company based in the BC Lower Mainland. The company was founded in 2004 and since then has served a wide range of organizations, assisting them to meet their business objectives through more efficient use of technology. When it comes to technology, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. We can help your organization determine what the optimal solution is for your unique needs, and also have the technical expertise to make it happen.

Our competency teams are grouped into:


Regardless of the size of your organization, you rely on your IT systems to be there when you need them most – all the time. Our infrastructure services team are the propeller-heads that take this off your worry list. Whether it is planning, implementation, maintenance, or emergency support, we’ve got you covered.

  • Networking (Wired and Wireless)

  • Active Directory

  • Server Virtualization (Hyper-V, VMware, XenServer)

  • Cloud infrastructure

  • Load Balancing

  • Remote Access

  • Backup/Restore

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Storage Area Networking (SAN)

  • Servers

  • Firewalls

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

  • Routing

  • Email

  • Printers


We primarily focus on the Microsoft stack of enterprise server applications. The combination of these building blocks enables the assembly of powerful applications that ensure your business has the data it needs right where and when it needs it.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft Exchange Server


When out-of-the-box, just isn’t good enough, we can help take things to the next level. Our team of top-notch developers can translate your business requirements into applications that take users’ minds off of the technology and back to the task at hand.

Typical projects tackled by this team generally revolve around extending or integrating enterprise systems such as Dynamics CRM or SharePoint, but we don’t let “typical” stifle our imagination. Some full custom applications and mobile apps have also been churned out by this talented bunch. If there is a business need for it, we can build it.


Whether you know where you want go, but don’t know how technology can help you get there, or still don’t know where you are headed, we can help. We can assist at the management level to understand where you are currently with respect to IT, what your options are for the future, and how to best get there.